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Intellectual Output 3

This small compendium of Inspiring Success Stories on Soft Skills seeks to be a contribution to entrepreneurs for the implementation and development of human resources in the SME they manage. These, along with the teams and organisations involved in the training and development of soft skills, are the beneficiaries par excellence of the FETRA project […]

The Top 12 Most Important Soft Skills for SME Management

In order to create a roadmap to discover the top 12 most important soft skills for SME management, the partners of the FETRA project each held a focus group in their own country. The focus groups were a great success, with each organisation reaching at least 8 local experts in the fields of entrepreneurship, management, or Human Resources (HR). The purpose was […]

Outcomes Of Workshop

ERASMUS+ Programme Key Action 2  “Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices”, Sub-Action “Strategic Partnerships for adult education”   On January 25th, 2021, the first workshop of the FETRA project took place online and lasted for 2 hours. 7 representatives from the 6 partners’ organisations (Coworking Plus from Denmark, GrowthCoop and INDEPECIE from Spain, Eurospeak from the UK, EESTI People for People from Estonia and APLOAD form Portugal) participated actively in […]